“During my training at some of the best hospitals in the country and now as a small business owner, I’ve witness the importance of health and wellness on performance in the workplace.  There are better ways to deal with the anxiety, chronic stress and disappointment that can sometimes accompany busy careers.  Turning to healthy coping mechanisms on a regular basis can improve mood, functioning and enjoyment." 


Duration: 60-70 minutes

Title: Using Endorphins Wisely: The Science Behind Laughing, Meditating, Reducing Stress and Managing Your Emotions


This funny and informative presentation focuses on the science of coping with stress and managing emotions using healthy lifestyle activities (e.g. exercise, mediation, laughter).  Dr. Bellace has a background rarely found in one speaker.  He has a PhD in clinical neuropsychology and over twenty years of experience traveling the country as a motivational speaker and stand-up comedian.  He uses humor, inspirational stories, audience participation and current research in the neuroscience to deliver a powerful message: “It’s not enough to just tell people what not to do, we need to empower them to create an environment that fosters positive mental and physical health.”  The program will also cover topics such as positive social support, productive use of emotions, improving mood and increasing quality of life.  Particular attention will be paid to strategies for dealing with feelings of loneliness, isolation and burnout that are so common in the workplace these days. 


  1. Gain a better understanding of endorphins, endogenous neuropeptides and peptide hormones (e.g. anandamide) and the activities that facilitate their release, such as running, laughing, meditating and helping others.
  2. Learn cutting edge neuroscience research that shows the connection between healthy lifestyle activities and decreasing stress hormones, increase ratings of happiness and quality of life.
  3. Learn about the importance of positive social support and other protective factors that improve mental health and allow us to be more resilient.
  4. Take home several actionable coping skills for dealing with stress and loneliness, such as increasing face-to-face social contact, using the daily practice of meditation, increasing dietary micronutrients, improving lifestyle activities and exercise, using cognitive reframing and self-talk and volunteering.
  5. Have fun, laugh and leave feeling better than you did when the program started!


Comedy Show:

Title: Mental Health Comedy Show

Duration: 90 minutes


This is a stand-up comedy show with three comedians focused on mental health and wellness.  Dr. Bellace's years of performing in comedy clubs honed his material, but also introduced him to seasoned comedians with mental health struggles.  This show focuses on those issues, such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse and many more.  This is great for a fundraiser or can be tailored as an eductional event with Q&A after the show.  The show includes performances by Dr. Bellace, Joe Matarese (America's Got Talent), and many more nationally touring stand-up comedians.