“During my training at some of the best hospitals in the country and now as a small business owner, I’ve witness the importance of health and wellness on performance in the workplace.  The mind-body connection cannot be ignored as a key component to productivity and success.  Since my message is derived from research in psychology, it can be tailored to fit your business and employees.”


Target Event: HR Trainings, Professional Conferences

Ideal Audience Size:  50+

Duration: 60 minutes

Title: Brain, Behavior and the Workplace

We spend much of our adult lives engaged in work.  However, the perception of meaningful work is a major component of happiness.   Research suggests that finding meaning in one’s work is more important than money in terms of long term happiness.  In addition, maintaining healthy habits at work and home ensure greater productivity and fewer sick days.  This program will focus on supporting members of the workforce in making healthy mental and physical choices.  The current research on adult brain functioning and emotions will be presented and time will be given for questions and answers.  As a clinical psychologist and stand-up comedian, Dr. Bellace uses humor to convey his very powerful message – workers need to be empowered to make healthy choices in their lives.


  1. Participants should understand the value of the mind-body connection and how it impacts performance in the workplace.
  2. Participants should understand the importance of positive social support in the workplace.
  3. Participants should learn how to be more empowered to seek out meaningful work, either in the workplace or at home.
  4. Participants should understand some of the recent research on mental health and cognitive function.
  5. Participants will learn more about the science behind healthy activities and how they improve mood and productivity.

Comedy Show:

Title: What's So Funny?

Target Event: Comedy Night, Conference Entertainment

Ideal Audience Size:  50-500

Duration: 90 minutes

Description:  “What's So Funny” is an inspirational stand-up comedy show that uses laughter to present a conversation on mental health and wellness.  The show was created by Dr. Matt Bellace and veteran stand-up comedian Joe Matarese in 2004 and was presented at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.  The show includes performances from Dr. Bellace and Joe Matarese, as well as other nationally touring stand-up comedians who perform material on mental health.  Joe Matarese has appeared on numerous shows, including the Late Show with David Letterman, Chelsea Lately and Comedy Central Presents.  Joe’s material focuses on coping with anxiety, attention problems and life as a married dad.  Currently, Joe hosts a podcast called, “Fixing Joe,” which aims to help Joe with his problems while helping others.