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A Better High (3rd Edition)

Laugh, help, run, love...and other ways to get naturally high!

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A Better High is a powerful tool that can change attitudes about alcohol and drugs. It actually teaches and encourages young people to get high — in safe, positive and natural ways. Author Matt Bellace holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has been involved in youth drug and alcohol prevention efforts since high school. Most importantly, Matt is a passionate and effective speaker who presents his message with humor and lots of audience interaction.  He captures that passion in the pages of his book. A Better High offers students, teachers and parents a positive way to talk about alcohol and drugs — and many wholesome ways to get high every day.

“Young people need to feel empowered in their schools and communities. It's not enough to ask them to stay away from drugs and alcohol. We need to show them positive things they can do instead, both for themselves and others!” – Matt Bellace

A Better High, Chapter by Chapter:

1. How to Get High Naturally.

2. Laughing, Smiling and Other Highs Better Than Cocaine.

3. Running, Surfing and Other Highs Better Than Weed.

4. Eating, Cooking and Other Highs Better Than Alcohol.

5. Helping, Listening and Other Highs Better Than Being Selfish.

6. Loving, Caring and Other Highs Better Than Hurting Yourself.

 7. Unhealthy Natural Highs.

8. Creating Your Own Natural High.


Extras: Prevention Resources

C.a.l.v.i.n. & H.o.b.b.e.s.

Check out the C.A.L.V.I.N. & H.O.B.B.E.S. website, the most amazing college prevention group the world has ever seen! They are about to turn 25 years old and I could not be more proud. 

New Social Engine

N.S.E. (New Social Engine)

N.S.E is a group of student-led prevention groups currently on three campuses in Morris County, NJ: FDU Madison, Drew University and County College of Morris. Started by my longtime friend Dave Bratton, the groups kicked off in the fall of 2010 and already are doing some terrific programs!

Natural High is a foundation that has provided almost every school in the nation with Natural High DVDs, featuring young celebrities who talk about being substance-free and the values of their natural highs.  I’ve had a partnership with this wonderful organization since 2011.

The Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute

The group that started it all for me! The Teen Institute of the Garden State, now known as the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute, provides prevention and leadership conferences and follow-up activities for the students of New Jersey.

Dara Bellace, Ph.D.

For help with eating disorders

Do you have an eating disorder or are you thinking of starting one? I hope not, but if so you may want to give my wife a call. Dr. Dara Bellace is a very talented clinical psychologist who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of eating disorders, obesity and related difficulties, including mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Bellace works with female and male preadolescents, adolescents and adults. She was on the faculty at Weill Cornell for seven years and now has a private practice in Princeton, NJ.


Your Better High at Home

“My Best Day” (excerpt from Matt’s book, A Better High)

My birthday is in December. Just once, it would be cool to have a birthday during a warm-weather month or at least far away from a month during which everyone spends all of their money. When I was in my twenties, I used to think about the perfect day for my birthday and try to make it happen. I would do a few things that I love doing in December, like sleeping late, reading, and keeping my body temperature normal. And thenI’d visit my favorite restaurant at night. Over the years, I’ve expanded this concept of the “best day.” I’ve added ideas from friends, family and my audience members to come up with the best natural high day for each season. I’ve tried to make my list include experiences and items of all price ranges, from “free” to“great if money was no object.” I’ll admit the list is biased toward places that I’ve visited—they’re just too great to leave out. Hopefully my list will encourage you to consider your list.

Best Day: Summer

Location: Anywhere near the water—lake or ocean. My Favorite Spot is Ocean City, New Jersey (great waves, tons of stuff to do)!

1. Wake up late and get in the water (with a friend or someonewatching, of course). There are few things that will change how you feel faster than jumping into water first thing in the morning.

2. Make yourself some killer brunch food like chocolate chippancakes or a California omelet with avocado and tomatoes.

3. Go to the gym, ride a bike, or take a nap.

4. In the afternoon, get to the beach with friends and, of course,spend more time in the water. Try a new water sport, like skim boarding, bodysurfing or tubing.

5. Read, throw a football, sit on the beach or just stare at the water.

6. Have a summer romance.

7. End the day by grabbing a sweatshirt, sitting on the sand, andwatching the sunset. At the lake, it’s amazing watching the fishfeeding off the hatching bugs and at the ocean, it’s great to watch the water calm down.

8. Eat on the beach or get out on the town for a great meal. Nomatter where you are, in my opinion fresh summer tomatoes should be involved.

9. After dinner, go out people-watching. Walking the boardwalkor around town is a great way to enjoy the parade of all kinds of folks having fun.

10. Ice cream! My personal recommendations: Kohr’s Custard(Ocean City, New Jersey), Ben & Jerry’s (Cape Cod, Massachusetts),or if you’re landlocked, Ted Drewes (St. Louis, Missouri)and Graeters (Cincinnati, Ohio).